Restored 2
Original Background Files for
Soft's #Color_Comics

Updated: 7 December 2014

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This page contains links to 'backgrounds' which are of a compressed format to be used in the 'Microsoft Chat 2.5' program. To download these files, right click on the picture and select "save target as" and direct the file to download to either of the two folders listed below depending on your computer configuration:
C:\Program Files\Chat\Comicart
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Chat\Comicart
Macgyver Macgyver2 Mountain MtFuji Mtn_Vista MtRushmore Ocean
Oregon Overlook Pathway Pier Pool Pool2 PPalace
Rapids Rawai RedRoc~2 RockyShore Rol15 Rooftop Room1
Welcome Whitesand Windmill Winter Woods Cliffs Colossus
Room3 Room4 Room5 Room6 Ruins Sailing Scituate
Sequoia Skyline Sonora Space1 Sphinx Spring Stonehenge
Sunset Temple Cactus ThaiRoad Trofe16 Turtle Vort
OldTree Pueblo Room2 Courtyard Seagulls Summer Wales_1

The backgrounds named "Bar" and "BRoom" seen in some Comic Chat rooms,
are nothing more than the background "Room1" renamed!
So they are not listed here separately!
Also backgrounds "MountainHorizon" and "MUUMVL31" are "143" renamed!
And "MUI1se73" is "000" renamed!
(Renaming a file is also known as 'cloning'.
Practicing 'cloning' is just duplicating files and robs Hard Drive space!)

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