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Original Background Files for
Soft's #Color_Comics

Updated: 7 December 2014

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This page contains links to 'backgrounds' which are of a compressed format to be used in the 'Microsoft Chat 2.5' program. To download these files, right click on the picture and select "save target as" and direct the file to download to either of the two folders listed below depending on your computer configuration:
C:\Program Files\Chat\Comicart
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Chat\Comicart
Patongnite2 Beach Bay BigBen Bravs Bridge Cast2
CR XmasSky House Azxmas 143 Alienworld Alpine_Vista
TrafalgarSquare (London,England) Xmas1 Xmas2 Xmas3 Christmas5 Christmas6 Christmas7
CraterLake2 Desert Yellowstone1 Yellowstone2 Yosmite1 Yosmite2 107
Diningroom Dragon Dreams Dutch6 Eiffel EyeOfNeedle Eye_Of_Needle2
Fiji Flor7 FunHouse Ghostrider3 GraveYard Hawaii Begushu
Hsewarm IceSunset Igloo Island LA Lake Lightning
Castle2 Arch XmasFire 000 Falls3 Housewideshot Livingroom

The backgrounds named "Bar" and "BRoom" seen in some Comic Chat rooms,
are nothing more than the background "Room1" renamed!
So they are not listed here separately!
Also backgrounds "MountainHorizon" and "MUUMVL31" are "143" renamed!
And "MUI1se73" is "000" renamed!
(Renaming a file is also known as 'cloning'.
Practicing 'cloning' is just duplicating files and robs Hard Drive space!)

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