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Posted on this web space are background .BGB format files used
exclusively in the chat program 'Microsoft Chat 2.5'. In order to
view/use these files, one must first have the program
'Microsoft Chat 2.5' installed. Download these files to:
C:\Program files\Chat\Comicart
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Chat\Comicart

    Zip Pack 1 of this page   

    Black_Moon    Capricorn_Moon    Cherries    Cosmos    Daisy    Dickens_WinterWonderland    Eagle_Nest   

    EveningSky2    Fantasy_Castle    Green_Asylum    Jack_Burger    John_Ross-s_Place    Lightbath    Magic_Ball   

    Mountain_Creek    Mountain_Moon    PinkDungeon    Silent_Thoughts    Sparkly_Tunnel    Stone_Henge    The_Belle_Free   

    TheCharm    WinterSurf_Hawaii    Third_Sunset    Moon_Space    Golden_Mountain    Black_Hole    Autumn_Fire   

    Zip Pack 1 of this page   

    White4Josh    CoquillePoint_Oregon    Beachcamp    Doorway    Grand_Isle_Sunrise    TackleHouse    Cottonwood   

    WVriver    WVstatepark    ScottsBridge    ChristmasTreeFarm    Batcave    Loft    Castle_Sunset   

    Bullseye    CyberDiner    Graffitti_BadMadness    Hell    Lake_Mirror    Palm_Drive    Red_Maple   

    Sunset_Palm    Sunset_Pink    HBD_azul    Dallas    Trailor_Camp    Want_a_smoke    Spring_Mountain   

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