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Posted on this web space are background .BGB format files used
exclusively in the chat program 'Microsoft Chat 2.5'. In order to
view/use these files, one must first have the program
'Microsoft Chat 2.5' installed. Download these files to:
C:\Program files\Chat\Comicart
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Chat\Comicart

    Zip Pack 1 of this page   

    A_Cove    Eaglesnest    Focus    FDS_roombg1 - image Copyright A.Beaman 'Forest Dreams Studio'    FDS_roombg2 - image Copyright A.Beaman 'Forest Dreams Studio'    Skysong    FDS_roombg3 - image Copyright A.Beaman 'Forest Dreams Studio'   

    belle-s_castle2--seeker-s_sky    anne-s_sunset_5june2002    belle-s_st_pete_beach_003    belle-s_st_pete_beach_006    belle-s_st_pete_beach_013    Relative_Calm    Warm_Nights by Moonbaby   

    belle-s_st_pete_beach_015    belle-s_st_pete_beach_016    belle-s_st_pete_beach_019    belle-s_st_pete_beach_077    belle-s_st_pete_beach_088    White_Magic    belle-s_st_pete_beach_099   

    belle-s_st_pete_beach_134    belle-s_manatees    Warm_Nights by Moonbaby    Robotica by Jane    Colorfulbgrnd11 by Tikicharm    Sunset_Orange    Moneybg   

    Zip Pack 2 of this page   

    Hawaiian_House    Borg1_msv    Borg2_msv    Borg3_msv    Startrek1_msv    Ivy    valcard   

    valhearts    cali-s_place    green    belle-s_oil_2    belle-s_duck_lake    Lost_City    belle-s_night_1_for_dash   

    belle-s_night_2_for_dash    belle-s_night_owls    belle-s_oil_1    belle-s_oil_3    belle-s_oil_4    Danish_Dunes    belle-s_sunset   

    belle-s_oil_5    belle-s_owl_country    belle-s_secret_mountain    belle-s_bomb_baby    belle-s_boats_1    Cold    belle-s_boats_2   

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