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Posted on this web space are background .BGB format files used
exclusively in the chat program 'Microsoft Chat 2.5'. In order to
view/use these files, one must first have the program
'Microsoft Chat 2.5' installed. Download these files to:
C:\Program files\Chat\Comicart
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Chat\Comicart

    Zip Pack 1 of this page   

    abovethesea    alley_spring_mill    autumn_pond    azaleas_park    back_home    NeoNight    big_sur_calif   

    birch_pond    blue_waterfall    bodega_sunset    first_snow    flowers_cl    Day_Break    foot_bridge_cl   

    garden_falls    grand_canyon    half_dome    honolulu_bay    island_strand    Canyon_Stream    lake_cl   

    mt_lake2    mt_park    mt_shasta    oceans_doorway    old_country_road    Boulder_Cove    old_mt_shed   

    Zip Pack 2 of this page   

    oregon_lighthouse    pacific_island    pepper_trees    point_rayos    Atlantis_Nights    redwoods    redwoods_cascade   

    river_cl    rocky_mt_winter    silhouettes    spring_stream    stream_in_forest    Oasis    sulfur_pond   

    sunset_bay    sunset_ocean    waipio_bay    warp6    waterfall_stream    Night_Star    white_water   

    Blazing_Skys    BlueReflection    wild_horses    winter_cabin    winter_in_the_mt    Living_Seashore    yosemite_valley   

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