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Posted on this web space are background .BGB format files used
exclusively in the chat program 'Microsoft Chat 2.5'. In order to
view/use these files, one must first have the program
'Microsoft Chat 2.5' installed. Download these files to:
C:\Program files\Chat\Comicart
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Chat\Comicart

    Zip Pack 1 of this page   

    Belles_back_of_bookcase_2    Belles_bookcase_back    Belles_deer_lake    Belles_dino_1    Belles_dino_2    ChatAsylum1    Belles_sail_boat_1   

    Belles_lake    Belles_sail_boat_2    purple_mist    ChatAsylum1    ozzi_rainbow_au    Belles_snow_1    ozzi_greatwhiteshark_au   

    Belles_snow_2    Belles_tree    ozzi_gumtrees_au    ozzi_beach_au    Kandles_Usa_Love    ozzi_anthills_pilbarra_au    ozzi_wpz_au   

    ozzi_rainforest_au    ozzi_sydney_harbor_au    Kandles_Sky    ozzi_whaleshark_au    black_rose    christmaslights    golden_halo   

    Zip Pack 2 of this page   

    Happybd_batgirl    Christmas_tree_3    mc_ast-now    q-tees_cure    Kandles_Mumu"    Belle-s_deer_lake3    Belles_oil   

    dr_field    dr_clouds    dr_dark_curtain    dr_party    boats    Kandles_Rose    dr_scrollycone   

    dr_purple_pinwheel    dr_quazar    Evaporation    Inferno    Shell_Station    Island1    MetallicShades   

    Nature11    Shades    Xpbright    Balls2    valheart2heart    Lazygator    ColorTree   

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